Update on Water Main Replacements

The Brook Road project was scheduled for this summer, but unfortunately had to be delayed due to scheduling conflicts with the gas company, which was replacing its transmission main at the same time.

The Water Department had a very busy summer replacing multiple town water mains, and is appreciative of the public’s patience as they finalize road paving over the next few months, as weather permits.

The only water main replacement currently ongoing is replacement of an asbestos-cement section of main between the parking area at Mann’s Pond and Billings Street. This work should be completed by the end of September with final paving scheduled for next spring.

The Glendale/Glenview/Rob’s Lane water main replacement has been completed, with final road paving and sidewalk replacement to be finished by October 1.

The Massapoag Avenue water main replacement between the rotary and Community Center Drive was also completed this summer, with final road paving and sidewalk replacement to be completed by November 1.

Brook Road is tentatively scheduled for water main replacement and paving next year.

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