Redirect your downspout


downspout diverter web
Redirect your downspout to irrigate your lawn, shrubs or garden.

Many downspouts send rain water down driveways and sidewalks, and eventually down the street to a storm drain.

You can make better use of that water, and help keep our water ways clean, by redirecting your downspouts so that the water flows toward your lawn, shrubs, rain barrel, or rain garden.

stormwater runnoff at DCR ponkapoag golf course
Storm drains discharge water to streams, ponds, and wetlands.

Water that flows over impervious or hard surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, picks up pollutants from motor oil, lawn chemicals, and pet waste along the way, and eventually delivers it to our rivers, streams and ponds. This water is referred to as “stormwater runoff”, and the pollutants in the runoff can make our water ways unsightly—and unhealthy for kids, pets, fishing, boating and wildlife.

Try redirecting your downspouts to reuse rain water, and help prevent water pollution at the same time!

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