Clothes Washer Rebate


Rebate details:

  • $200 for a clothes washer with an EnergyStar water factor of 4.0 or less.  Water Factor is the number of gallons per cycle per cubic foot that a washer uses. The lower the water factor, the more efficient the washer is. For example, if a clothes washer uses 30 gallons per cycle and has a tub volume of 3.0 cubic feet, then the water factor is 10.0.
  • A copy of the receipt must accompany the rebate application. If purchased by credit card, a copy of the credit card statement is also required.
  • One washer rebate per household
  • Only new washing machines, purchased for personal use and not for resale are eligible.
  • The property owner is solely responsible for ensuring proper installation. Proper disposal of the old machine is the responsibility of the property owner. Old machines may not be reused.

Please call the Sharon Water Department at 781-784-1525, prior to purchase, for more information on rebates.


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