Maintain irrigation systems on a regular basis to catch leaks and ensure even distribution of water.

Test your lawn BEFORE watering. Step on a patch of grass; if it springs back, it doesn’t need water.

  • irrigation runoffJust one inch of water per week from rain OR irrigation is enough to keep a lawn green.
  • Always follow town watering restrictions for public health and safety.
  • Don’t overwater, as it can cause harmful fungus outbreaks.
  • Follow weather reports, or set up a simple rain gauge to determine how much rain has fallen.
  • Avoid watering when it’s windy, to limit evaporation.
  • Water the lawn – not sidewalks or driveways.
  • Don’t water when it’s raining! (We’ve all seen this happen…)

Hunter irrigation controllerUpgrade to a Smart Irrigation Controller

  • “Smart” irrigation controllers reduce water use by up to 75 percent.
  • “Smart” controllers use sensors and weather information to manage watering times and frequency. As environmental conditions vary, the controller adjusts irrigation, and will turn off your sprinklers during rain, high wind or low temperature.

Hire a WaterSense Irrigation Professional to assist with maintenance and upgrades.


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